Friday, January 16, 2009

The Real Story of the Headless Horseman

It was 1985 where there was a Hessian soldier working for the British and the Germans. He was dressed in a big cloak with a cape and he was riding a stallion and he was killing people by gun or sword. Then he came to this one soldier by a fire with a firestick with a canon and he had lit it and then he had gone straight for the Hessian's head. And then it fired and his head fell off.  The soldier did that to him because he had killed one of the men. He dies and his head was taken away and hidden among the graves. Then a year later, that Halloween, the Hessian arose from the graves, and him and his zombie horse haunted everything looking for his head, but he could not find his head. 

So then he stole the heads of others, and if your horse isn't fast enough, any head will do!

If you see the Headless Horseman, you run, and when you cross a bridge over steaming rocks and water the Headless Horseman will disappear. He's not a bad man, he's just looking for a head. I don't blame him because if I had lost my head and I was a reborn Hessian, I would just throw the pumpkin the same way, stealing people's heads. Here is a movie

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Ed Brenegar said...

Little Wolf, I often lose my head too. Luckily, I find it.

I'm glad you are back writing again.

I sitting here cheering your return.

Do you have your head?